Our Story

The NashVilla exists to support and celebrate musicians, songwriters and music lovers of all kinds. Whether you're looking for a relaxing getaway, inspiration and headspace to create, or a unique environment to celebrate your next occasion, the NashVilla has all the amenities you need and a vibe you won't find anywhere else.



That could mean a fabulous bed and nowhere to be, or music and drinks with friends by the fire. Either way, the NashVilla is the place to be.

Easy Access

The NashVilla is equipped with electronic locks that make access simple without any extra cards or keys to keep track of.


Designed with musicians and music lovers in mind, you can't help but feel inspired in this remarkable space.

WiFi / TV

We've got all the modern essentials you'd expect, plus some additional above-and-beyond comforts that you will love.


Fully stocked with continental breakfast items, coffee, snacks, cold drinks, and ice. Make yourself at home.

Free Parking

Park for free behind the house and on the street out front. Where else in Nashville can you find that?

All Are Welcome

With four bedrooms and plenty of common space, the NashVilla is perfect for team retreats, writing sessions and special occassions.


The safety of our guests is our top priority. Read through our welcome book for house rules and tips for the best visit possible.